Food and Artistry

This is the second post in a series about food.
Listen to this artist as she describes her artistry in cakes.  That's right--here is a classically trained artist expressing her artistry through CAKE.  Amazing! When you look through her website here, you'll see a gallery of fantastic and creative creations, some which would be well at home in an art museum as ART pieces.

Have you ever considered Food as Art?  Why not?  It's as much visual as it is just plain food.  We eat with our eyes they say.  And why not, we should enjoy the food that's provided-both with our tastes and our sights.

My family is a huge fan of the show "CHALLENGE" on the Food Network.  We especially like the Cake challenges where they are pushed to the limit in their creativity and time constraints to come up with some of the most elaborate pieces--truly art.

So the next time you're at the bakery--say hello to a fellow artist and ask to see their gallery.  Compliment them on their craft--you might just get a piece of cake.