Worship Post-fessional-March 30, 2008

Worship March 30, 2008
Today ended our Easter series. It all came and went so fast. We concluded today talking about the OPEN GRAVES in the Matt. 27 account of the Crucifixion. Powerful understanding of who the saints were and what happened to them--and how the cross of Christ changed all of that. There is such hope for people who know Jesus. There is no separation from Christ for those who have faith in Him--in life and in death.
"In life, in death, in life beyond death, God is with us. Amen"-from Walk To Emmaus liturgy

Set List
  • FATHER SPIRIT JESUS- opener. This is such a powerful song!
  • YOU YOU ARE GOD-Gateway worship-but G3 Worship Arrangement. Always powerful!
  • Video--"IT'S NOT OVER"--WorshipHouse Media. (I had a hard time getting this to download this week. Finally this morning--it worked) It could have been a little louder to catch their attention during the Offering.
  • HOW CAN I KEEP FROM SINGING- Tomlin. At this point I realize that my mic is Battery dead--and I'm wondering how I'm going to get the battery changed. I motioned the team to sing the parts that were only suppose to be me. All the while I'm thinking of "When can I grab the other roving mic". Finally after we finishe the song I have them reprise the chorus accappella while I step away from the piano to change mics... Yikes! (REMEMBER TO ALWAYS CHANGE ALL BATTERIES BEFORE THE SERVICE-Regardless!)
  • HOW MARVELOUS (Passion Version). Great! We did the hold/stop on the last verse like they did at Passion. "When with the ransomed in glory (OPEN GRAVES) his face I at last shall see"--hold for 4 measures...then kick back in. I had a guy come up to me and say " I got chill bumps--I just had to stop and think about beholding Jesus". Cool!
  • Scripture Reading
  • YOU ARE GOD (NOT A GOD). Always a favorite.
  • Intro to sermon (see video). I shot this (please withold your critiques--I'm not the best videographer) on Wednesday and didn't get to edit it until Friday. Thanks to Okjedi and Shameonyoko (my Twitter buds) for helping me with the technical things that went haywire Friday on my Mac.
  • .
    The Open Graves--Sermon Opener for 3/30/2008 from Jim Drake on Vimeo.
  • Sermon
  • Dismiss
  • Lessons from today--check your batteries, check your levels, check everything.. and anticipate it all.
How was your worship today?