Something Old, Something New

It's Monday again--time for Something Old, Something new where I point to blogs and posts that I currently read. 
If you have something that you like to read often, or that you've recently discovered, leave me a comment and let me discover this with you.

Something Old
  • Ragamuffin Soul is the blog by Carlos Whittaker, the Service Programming Director at Buckhead Church (North Point). Carlos is a legend in the Blog world. I love hearing his frank discussions about worship leadership, and he occasionally lets us peek behind the curtain to see what's happening at BC. His blog last weekend logged in 7000 hits in one day. Way to go Los!
Something New:
  • Consuming Worship This is Jeff Miller's Worship portal where worship leaders gather for resources, discussion and encouragement. Jeff is a worship pastor in Aubrey, Texas (North Texas). His blog features Worship Leader Wednesday where he interviews a local worship pastor about their ministry. He's featured my friend Chris Vacher in one of his past posts.
  • CFHusband -This is the site of a husband of a Cystic Fibrosis patient.  His wife is awaiting a double lung transplant. She's given birth to their baby (prematurely) and is hoping that this transplant will give her quality of life for their new child. Pray for her today as you read his post and think of her.


Chris from Canada said...

Significant developments the past day for Nate & Tricia over at CFHusband.

Jeff M. Miller said...

Hey Jim, thanks for the link. Nice to chat with you today on Twitter.

By the way, if your readers only have the time to only pick one of your "something new" blogs, I hope they go to CFHusband. You'll be broken, challenged, encourage, humbled. What a story and what a family of Christ-followers!