The Ten Commandments/ Godspell

I've noticed in the last few years that it has become an "EASTER" tradition on ABC television to play THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. Usually it's on Sunday night, but last night I caught it late ( I mean late--it didn't wrap up until 12 Midnight). So, I was hooked again as I sat and watched this EPIC film. Yes, it looks old and the effects are not quiet CG, but it is amazing what they accomplished when they produced this film in the late 50's. Even with the effects questions, the main thing that came across was the STORY. They never forgot the story--I think that is what makes this movie a classic.

Now today I see the 1973 release of GODSPELL is playing again. Watch it here

Seems like the national TV gives a nod to the theme of this day, without really saying it. It's all about Jesus--he's alive.