Free Mind- Dump It All Out (Repost)

It's time for Creative fuZion over on Dorothy's site.

I thought I would repost my entry on FREE MIND as it's a free valuable tool that I use for mind mapping and brain dumping when brainstorming series and issues around the church. I've found that I can't live without it.

Sometime in the fall of 2005 after I had jumped into the world of Mac I came across a free program called FREE MIND I didn't know what I was going to do with this program--but I came to learn that it would be useful for many applications.

I've used it for worship planning (for series and such--tucking away creative ideas that come to me in those short creative bursts). We've used it for planning a camp, for teaching ideas and I've even used it for sermon preparation (even taking my MAC...'gasp' on stage to use as my notes).

My fellow staff members tease me in using this so much--but it's quicker than writing notes down and I can rearrange the notes into like clusters or thoughts after the meeting. I've used it in conferences to take notes and for follow up.

If you are looking for an easy program to use (it's compatible with PC and MAC--in fact I have it on both) this is the program. Use it to dump out all of your ideas.


Anonymous said...

Jim, I'm checking this out. Especially since I've reengaged the Mac world again after nearly 15 years... my first computer was an SE-30 which cost me nearly as much as my MacBook Pro!

Jim Drake said...


It's a great tool. For preaching, just do all of your study and preparation in it--then rearrange and go after it. When I preached with it--made it so simple--open up, preach and click when you're done

Glad to know I've helped someone

Sparks said...

Well, since I can't find an e-mail address, I'll use a comment form.

I haven't forgotten about your SketchUp post request. It sounds like fun and I do plan on doing it in the near future. Big Daddy Weave is keeping me pretty busy but I will fulfill your request soon!


Jim Drake said...


Thanks for dropping by. Look forward to your post and tell BIG DADDY--hey! (Oh..Big People--he'll know what it means although I hear he may be in the losing weight game this year--me too)

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

Do you have some screen shots?
I'd be interested in seeing what it looks like.
I had done some mind mapping with pen and paper years ago and I am curious to see if it is similar.
Thanks for dropping by the fuZion.
Glad to see you are doing better.