Creative fuZion- The Painting Pastor

This is Creative Fuzion Thursday over on Dorothy's blog. Check it out here.

Last Sunday we attempted our first PAINTING during sermon. Russell Johnson, our pastor, illustrated the verse from Ephesians 2: 10 where it says that we are God's masterpiece.

I built these two frames (we were originally going to do two paintings) but we chose to only use the black frame. Ok, we cheated a bit with some preliminary marks where the face would go, but it was very effective and you couldn't tell from the audience.

What creative element did you use last weekend?


simple christfollower said...

I love it! My brain is now firing on all cylinders thinking how I could pull this off in a future service! How much of an artist is your pastor?

Jim Drake said...

He's artistic and has done some drawings/photographs before. But this was the first time in public.

We lightly stenciled (via overhead projector) in the facial features where the red was to go--so that the picture popped off the page. Was really easy to do.

Russell said...

On the day T.O. (the player) gets cut from my beloved Cowboys, Russell Johnson (the pastor) shows up in Jim's blog. How Ironic. I am so honored to be mentioned by name and pictures at that! This painting will be the proof that Jim Drake rubbed off me.

Jim Drake said...

Just keeping it real...Jim Drake (the artist) is trying his best to rub off on Russell Johnson (the pastor). Next I'll have you dancing..what size tights do you wear?

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

I really liked the live painting. How great that your pastor would wear I mean paint live.
Really super idea. We've been trying to work in having our graffiti artist paint live during worship. Haven't found the right message yet.
Now I have another idea for the hopper.