Parent Taxi

I'm probably not the one who should be writing this post--my wife should, but I thought I'd tell you about the stage of life we're in right now and see if you can empathize, sympathize and any other "ize" you can think of.

With three kids at some point every parent becomes PARENT TAXI. Today, son had Baseball @ 5:15 (which he waited until 5:14 to get ready), #2 daughter had play practice @ 5:30 and refused to walk 1 block to the school because "it's windy daddy" all the while #1 is making a mad dash home from golf and begging to go to Wally World for something. I made two passes at the house to pick up kids and drop them off and I kindly reminded #2 that we bought this house close to the schools so they can walk (they don't).

Can I get an Amen here--seems like we are constantly in the car picking this one up from something and dropping this one at something else. Somewhere around 9:00 the taxi is up (and exhausted) for the night.

What have been you TAXI experiences?