Angel In My Pocket (Part 4)

*Side note here--They sang "Lead Kindly Light" at my Dad's funeral. The music minister and congregation were as awkward on that day as Andy and the congregation here on this clip. It's just a funky song!

Issues it raises
Talking money is always an awkward situation

My dad was in full time ministry from 1937 until his retirement in 1982. I wasn't around much for the discussions about money-but I know from some of the documents that I found in his library that money was always an issue with the churches he served.

In 1967 he made less than 7,000 with a family of 7 (not unlike Andy Griffith here) and it was the source of great conflict among some of the members that they were paying that much for a minister. Mom and Dad always knew ways to cut corners and I'm convinced that our love of Salmon Patties came from the need to stretch the dollar and make a meal out of something cheaper.

The Greshams and the Sinclairs really had no idea of the need of Griffith's family--they were only looking at the business side of things. That has to be done, but it also has to be considered that being a minister costs the same as being a librarian, or a Doctor. People don't bring you bread and eggs anymore.

The final scene is funny to me. It didn't happen to me, but my sisters recount the tales of starting new schools and not knowing anyone. After 50 years 3 of my siblings live in the last area where Dad was a full-time. I guess they made some good friends.

** I know there are some of you reading these posts. You've told me. Quit lurking around and jump in on the discussion. Your insight into these clips is needed.