Three Tensions In The Christian Life (Vintage Church Review-Part 1)

We've started a new book in staff meeting each Tuesday. After Matthew Paul Turner's CHURCHED book, we turned westward toward Seattle's Mark Driscoll (Mars Hill Church). They are both very different books and looks at the church.

Last weeks chapter on THE CHRISTIAN LIFE brought up this unique issue: WE ALL LOOK AT THE CHURCH FROM A PARTICULAR VIEWPOINT.
  • Prophetic-putting great emphasis on the teaching and preaching of the Word
  • Experiential-putting great emphasis on the mystery and experiential parts of the Christian life
  • Missional-putting emphasis on the action part of the Christian life.
Driscoll's point is that the tension in the Christian life comes when one of these is exalted and emphasized to the exclusion of the others. He says if you emphasize the prophetic--then the church becomes legalistic; if it emphasized the experiential then it tends towards liberalism (which I don't agree); and if you lean toward's missional you end up with post modern socialism.

It's a lot to think about, but I think that he has some points. Church must have a balance of views--it's true. Our tendency is to favor one over the other--whether we realize it or not--and these exclusionary tactics stiffle the church from growing and being the church.

What viewpoint do you resonate with? Does Driscoll have a point?


Marina Berryman said...

In my experience, untamed experiential leads not to liberalism but to narcissistic consumerism and an empty, shallow, what's next, what's cooler, what's deeper, give me more goosebumps type of mindset.

Must find harmony between the three. And balance within each one. Ultimately must focus on bringing God greatest glory by loving Him, loving others and letting our lives and our worship gatherings respond to and reflect our devotion to and relationship with Him. Was that a run-on sentence? Hard to tell 'cause I'm typing on my phone.

Sounds like a great discussion and good read?