Twitter Connects People

Over on Twitterfriends today I was able to create this diagram of all of my Twitter connections. It's a really interesting site where you can click on any one of the names and see the connections between people (who tweets with whom and how they are connected through other strong relationships).

I thought this diagram was interesting because it shows the tight community that it created through Twitter. There's no denying that the conversations and connections through Twitter are creating a stir in the sociological realm.

I love connecting people (it's one of my strengths) and maybe that's the reason I love Twitter.


nuria said...

my name is nuria
i live in spain
no writer in english
my school to know to have a blog

Jim Drake said...

Hello Nuria

thanks for stopping by my blog. Did I understand that your school is going to a have a blog? Cool.

If you want to write in spanish then I can translate it here.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I may be visiting your country soon.

Chuck Harris said...

so i'm second only to Pete Wilson. i can handle that. he's the man.

love ya Jim