Angel In My Pocket (Part 3)

It's been a while since I visited the ANGEL IN MY POCKET series-but here is the third installment.

In this clip we see the Reverend and his family getting ready for Sunday morning and the scene in the church where Andy gives his sermon.

Issues It Raises
Sunday morning for a Minister's family is terrible!
The worst instrument in the town is sometimes in the church

Sunday Morning Is The Worst For Minister's Family

Andy and his wife frantically try to get their family together and looking nice for the first service at the church. It's not as bad these days where the minister's family is inspected for their clothes and demeanor on Sunday morning. But there are other current issues this touches on.

My Observations
Sunday morning is the loneliest time of the week for the spouse of the minister. I know from personal experience that my wife for the last 15 years has been the one to get the kids ready and to church while I go ahead to get things ready at church. It's as if at times she's been a single Mom with three kids.

I saw a fellow ministers wife confess last week that she parked in the Single Mom's parking slot at church; not on accident but because she felt like and had done so for some time.

It shouldnt' be that way- but it is.

The Worst Instrument In Town Is Sometimes In The Church

Andy laments the sound of the old organ ( and this would later be one of his issues) and wonders why a church of such reputation would not have replaced the organ. He later finds one at the local Burlesque show (but we'll save that for future posts)

My Observations
I've been around ministry long enough to see all kinds of things donated to the church. Old Pianos, organs, cars, trucks, you name it have been given to the church for the sake of the church getting some more use out of it. Sunday school rooms have been littered with old couches and throw away furniture that no one would have in their home--but they'd give it to the church.

I can't imagine how you begin to square that in your mind. And I'll just let my comments end there on that note.

Your thoughts?