Angel In My Pocket (Part 1)

In this first installment of the ANGEL IN MY POCKET series, this clip brings up the issues of:

  1. Ministry turnover
  2. Minister's homelife
  3. Coming to a new community--What You See Isn't Always What You Get
Ministry Turnover
In the opening scene, the previous Pastor is fighting with the "founding" families as they bicker over his "water heater" in the parsonage. As they fight, the pastor cringes and crumples into tears we are whisked away to the Bishopry where they state "Another pastor quit--7 pastors in 10 years". Although we laugh, that's not uncommon as minister turnover rates have continued on a path of 18 months and then out. Church life has a problem with sustaining long term relationships between pastors/parishoners.

Reasons for that: Expectations, unresolved congregational issues, inside factions, lack of mission/purpose for church, leadership and pay. Too much to comment on here--just some of my ideas.

Minster's Homelife
We meet Andy Griffith and his family as they are trying to manage life while he's awaiting assignment to a church. He's doing the best he can when the Assistant Bishop stands on the porch and overhears a family squabble. Shock... the minister's family isn't perfect

My observations: Yes, it is true, Minister's families do fight and do disagree and do have discipline problems. We are not perfect, nor do we project that we're perfect. I would think that in the 21st century we would have moved past this issue but alas we haven't. My children as still subject to the phrase "a minister's child should act better than that". Am I right?

Coming To A New Community
Griffith arrives to the town to see a nicely manicured and maintained town and to makes the quick observation of how nice things must be, but it is quickly interrupted by the town brawl on the square between the founding families.

My observations: Most ministers are never informed of the "back story" of a church or it's town. It takes a very inquisitive minister to find out the "real" stories of past hurts, regrets, infractions and relational disasters that have brought the church to it's current state. Would someone please just be honest with the guy when he comes and tell him all of the stories? This would save so much time and pain. Be honest with your junk--he can handle it! He won't run away.

That's all for this installment. What part do you resonate with?