Worship Confessional, March 22, 2009

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Well, what a difference a week makes. This time last week I was nursing my wounds from emergency appendectomy surgery. Most of you were wondering if I really led that day as my twitters said I did (they were a Tweetlater gone awry) and no, I wasn't that brave.

If it could have happened on a good week, it did since my wife was off from school for Spring Break ( it was sucky for her) and music was light this week since rehearsal was this morning and the focus of the church was on Mission Snyder (working at a local apartment complex and doing some construction and curb appeal things). Never a good time to be sick--but you got to trust the Lord knows what he is doing.

Set List
Prepare Our Hearts (Moffitt/Smith) Continuing call to worship

Majestic (Brewster) an easy favorite--we love this one!


How Deep The Father's Love For Us We kind of laid back on this one and let it happen--the mixed meter thing demands you do that--not so rushed.

Amazed (Anderson) -one of my all time faves

Interview with an Ex-Inmate-Involved in Kairos - Our church is heavily involved with Kairos. We help sponsor the weekends. Today we had an ex-inmate who had gone through the Kairos program and was coming to share with the church how much it had meant to him.

Video-Ephesians 3 (Work of the People)


Enough (Tomlin)- haven't done this one in a long time. It felt really fresh.

How was your Sunday?


Fred McKinnon said...

I'm w/ you, man, "Amazed" is awesome, along with "Rescue"!

bradhafnersfa said...

I'm with Fred. Amazed is a great worship song. I also like Rescue. We never seem to do it in the big church, just the in the youth building.

Justin said...


I didnt want to type amazed and rescue are great songs but they are-
i'm loving the look of the blog.
very nice.

simple christfollower said...

Hey Jim - love the blog look!
How Deep is one of my favourite Stuart Townend songs. Great theology and a song the congregation loves to sing.

steff said...

I was just listening to Amazed last week and wondering why we've never done that one. Great song!