Destination Imagination -Passing The Creativity Along

I like to think that I'm passing along the Creative Life to my kids.

Each of them is expressive in their own way. Taylor likes
to sing, Mattie likes to act and Daniel likes just about
anything.He's been part of the GT (Gifted Talented)
program since he was little and he enjoys the extra work
and challenges that this gives him.

One of the programs he's involved in is Destination
ImagiNation--a world wide challenge of creative kids who are given the task of meeting a challenge only by the shear use of their imagination.
This is what their website says about Destination ImagiNation
Destination ImagiNation allows participants of all ages to access their creativity, learn problem-solving skills, and experience successful teamwork strategies as they develop unique solutions to Challenges.
In Destination ImagiNation, two- to seven-member teams focus on finding solutions to two separate types of Challenges: Team Challenges and Instant Challenges. Then they present their solutions to Appraisers in Tournament-style settings. By working together to develop solutions, participants push the limits of their imaginations to better themselves and best their competition.

They didn't place this year (although a younger group from his school did win the area and advances to State in Houston in 2 weeks). I just love seeing him put his creativity to work. Oh, and by the way--he's the beautiful blonde with the Hanna Montana wig on. He's very secure in who he is!

What do your kids do creatively?