Visual Churches-Holy Week

We are fast approaching the Easter Season. I thought it would be great to feature some of the churches that I know that do Prayer Stations. This is from my friend, Kim Bontrager, who is the Director of Worship at the First Mennonite Church in Wichita, Kansas.

Kim is an amazing leader and creative. She's my hero in organization and leadership of her crew. This prayer station project is the fruit of many hours of labor with her team that helped her put it together.
She has graciously posted all of her resources here for the prayer stations... I mean all of it. That is helpful those trying to do this for the first time or for the 4th (like us). I like how she details it and gives you the supply lists and location instructions.

You can see the slideshow of her stations here.


kimbontrager said...

wow. thanks, Jim! :)