When People Leave Church Early-For What?

My friend Tyler Braun has an interesting article today as he writes a letter to people who leave the service early. You've got to read it here.

Believe me, I see everyone who slips out early of our service. You may not think that it's noticeable--but it is. It's almost as if the people have no concept of that moment that we've reserved for people to solidify in their mind what they've heard and experienced in worship. It boggles my mind that people do this.

We're always conscious of the time in worship and sometimes I hate it that we have to beat the clock (12:00 noon or else!) and I've had to apologize to the Lord many times because I've cut the service short so that I won't have to endure the complaints afterwards. Isn't it a shame that I would fear that wrath of man more than the wrath of a Holy God whom I'm called to worship and serve with a holy reverance.

So, I'm interested in knowing what you think. Why do people get up and leave church before the end of the service? Read Tyler's blog and see if you agree or disagree. Comment here and comment on his blog. Let the discussion begin!