Twouble With Twitter

This video has been making it's way around the web and I received it again today in an email. I finally got a chance to sit down and watch it all the way through. You've got to admit that it's funny. But it also raises some points.

1. People who don't understand Twitter have yet to even try it. There are things which some people take to and some people don't. So, don't judge a book by it's cover. Twitter isn't for everyone and all of the Twitter and Facebook critics have their chance to say so--but I'm not putting much emphasis on it.

2. The video makes it all look so stupid--and it can be. But the majority of what I see on twitter is conversations and interactions. I get leads on songs, visuals, new articles, and twitpics of unusual things. I find it a valuable resource.

3. The notion that if we can't twitter we are somehow less than whole is silly. That just makes Twitter look indulgent and childish which I think it's not.

4. The insinuation that relationships are fake and artificial is false. All I can tell you is that last Saturday night when I was in need of prayer and I let it out on Twitter--my family was bombarded with prayers and inquiries. People care on Twitter.

So enjoy the film-- I think it's more cartoon than correct commentary on Twitter.


ScottyH said...


I whole-heartedly agree with your post.
Interestingly enough, I have seen some of my more immature friends twittering to the extent that made the video funny. The inane "found a parking spot" or "cleaning the lint from my belly" (ok- not that far!).

I enjoy Twitter very much and would do so more if I didn't drive all day. If you see a twit from me day-time I probably AM driving. But what I mean to say is that it is, for me, a great community and resource as you mentioned.

Blessings to you sir and twitter on. I enjoy following you!

-Scott, or @schlomoson

Jim Drake said...


thanks for a great comment. i monitor twitter from Tweetdeck--but I'm like you, if you see more than one or two during the day--I'm off or something. Most of mine come after dinner.

Thanks for following me!