It just gets more interesting with my issues with PROJECTOR LAMP CENTER.

I told you last week that I was having a problem with this company getting my money back on an order placed Aug 08 and never shipped.

Today I received an anonymous comment on my blog (from the ATL area) telling me that this company had gone out of business and now was doing business as VergePoint (which I can confirm because that's the return email I received on the aggrevating sales email I got last Thursday from them). And, it turns out that Miss Carly L who wrote me the "sweet" note telling me "sounds like a plan--knock yourself out" is also a Twitterer, but I won't out her here. I think their CEO is a Twitter bug too.

I have both Twitter names--what shall I do, what shall I do.

Just a shame that a business has to steal money from their customers offering products that they know they'll never deliver. Sounds like FRAUD to me!


Chad Wright said...

Why not out them here? That's what the internet is for. Group beatings. :)

Jim Drake said...


I guess I'd like to think my Momma taught me better. All I want is my stinkin' money back--is that too much to ask?

Have a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

After getting a similar run-around from these con artists, I reported the transaction as fraud to my credit card company who is in the process of investigating and sending me the fraud confirmation affidavit to sign. I suggest anyone who has been similarly scammed by these thieves to do the same.