Anonymous Notes--The Chicken Terrorists

If you've been around in ministry for any length of time, you've probably been blessed by your fair share of "anonymous" notes passed through the offering plate, written on a prayer request ('what you want me to think you're spiritual because you wrote that on a prayer note--give me a break) or received one in an unmarked postal envelope.

All of them are meant to explode the minute you open them--spraying their venom all over you and ruining your day. I liken it to the terrorists overseas who cloak themselves under some other identity to get close enough to detinate the bomb for maximum impact.

I've long had the policy that I don't read these notes. If they don't have a signature on them, they don't deserve my valuable time and effort to read them. That's it. I read the signature first.

Over the years as technology has changed so have the avenues of delivery for these terroristic threats from small minded zealots. Emails and blog comments have now become fair game.
I don't allow them in my office and neither will I allow them in my email box or my blog! You will be blocked and deleted and forever forgotten by me!

So let me just say it again- "if you don't have the guts to put your name on it--keep it to yourself". I'm not waiting for your dump truck to unload it's garbage on me. Anonymous notes are chicken!

Enough said!