Angel In My Pocket (Part 6)

Continuing in the series ANGEL IN MY POCKET, Andy goes after the organ at the Burlesque show

Issues It Raises

Be Careful Where You Go and What You Do-Someone Is Always Watching
Griffith has heard that there is an organ available at the old burlesque house in another town 20 miles away ( seems harmless and no one would know him there) but little does he know that the two church matrons see his car there and assume the worst--even peeking in on him while he's trying it out and a "performer" is on stage.

In ministry you have to be careful where you go, what you do, what you say and much more. I can't tell you the times that my wife and I just thought we were away from the scene of ministry and could, for a moment, be normal people, when out of the blue someone we know or someone that knows someone we know pops up and we are reminded that we're never really "off the clock".

It's a shame thought that what Griffith will experience here in a bit is all too common. The old addage of "the benefit of the doubt" has given way to "guilty until proven innocent" by the associations people make in what they see first and understand later. He'll soon come to realize that appearances are judged first--not intentions. And that indeed is sad.

What say you about these things?