Creative fuZion- Stations/Planning

We're within in the window for EASTER preparation for 2009. I thought I would post here our plans for our prayer stations (for those who are Googling here for Prayer Stations).

During my planning day last month I began to seek the Lord about this year's stations. I was drawn to the STATIONS OF THE CROSS (all 12 of them) and began to study them in depth. I also had my copy of the Book of Common Prayer with me. I sketched out each of the 12 stations with scripture readings and ideas for interactivity. Some of them were harder than others. I knew we probably would not do all 12 stations. (Last year we only had 5).

I then looked at Pat Callahan's material that he sent me from his prayer stations the last 2 years. It was the STATIONS OF THE CROSS idea and it confirmed to me that's what we should do this year.

We'll take the 3rd floor of our building to convert these rooms into stations on April 5. The whole experience will take place on Maundy Thursday, April 9 from 7:00AM-7:00PM.

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dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

I'm processing through all your information. It's really helpful! I'm working on convincing our creative team and our church leadership that we need way more planning time for larger productions; particularly since it's all being done with volunteers. I'm racking up 30-40 hours a week currently.
We are doing a Passover Seder,a Tenebrae service, plus Easter Celebration this year.
I'll hopefully be sharing soon.