Will They Kill The Heretics Again?

Seeing the play last Saturday about JOAN OF ARC reminded me of Seth Godin's statement in his TRIBES book "They used to burn heretics at the stake." Godin's supposition is that today we need to listen to the heretics in order to change the status quo.

Joan was considered a heretic because 1) she claimed to hear from God 2) she took initiative to rescue France from England 3) she was a woman, 4) she challenged the status quo.

Godin supports that thought that in these changing times we don't need to look at "the way things we've always done them" but listen to the heretics who see ways around the status quo. I'm not one to say that our current government actions constitute "challenging the status quo", but maybe just maybe some one will see a way out of this maze that is truly "paradigm changing" and help us break through.

Do you know people you would consider "heretics"? Is that even a good name to call them?