Follow Me On Twitter

Beginning in January of this year I had the following statistics on my Twitter acct: Following- 75 / Followers-69. Small and manageable I could see what most of these people were doing and going through each and every day.

After attending Church Tech Camp in Irving I started following a host of people that I met there and that were following the conference on Twitter. All of a sudden my statistics shot up and have continued to grow each and every day.

Today it stands like this: Following-764/ Followers 521. It's much harder to keep up with everyone, but I still have a column in Tweetdeck that lists everyone and I occasionally catch a glimpse here or there of some of the new ones I'm following.

How many people are you following on Twitter?

You can follow me here


dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

62, following me 41. But, I have just started trying to follow more people. Literally today, while I was catching up on Fred's Sunday Set List (long week).