Taking It To The Streets- Spring Break In Snyder

Mission Snyder from Jim Drake on Vimeo.

Over Spring Break, our church did mission work within the city at the Cedar Row Apartments. These apartments have been in a part of town that has been known for shady activity before and they carry with them a stigma. They are under new management and The Hilliams (owners/managers) are trying to make a difference in the area with positive changes.

We joined with them that week to redo the front facia of two of the buildings, paint inside the hallways, clean up the carports and trim trees. All the while the neighborhood kids were involved with a Backyard Bible Club.

Due to my surgery I was unable to attend but one evening--but kuddos go out to the church members who sacrificed for the ministry in this area. We had a glowing testimony from the Hilliams in church yesterday. I'll try to post that later this week.

Any church can do this---you just have to have the eyes to see.