All In The Family

Family Disciple Now Weekend
We kicked off our Family Disciple Now weekend tonight with the Jeff Johnson Band and Ky Martin, both from Dallas leading.

Disciple Now is a "Baptist" Discipleship program where the students stay in homes and have a guided leader who talks about discipleship.  These leaders will have individual time with them over the weekend.  You can download a FREE DNOW weekend planning guide here.

The twist this year is that the whole FAMILY is involved.  This evening we started with Adults in the chapel and kids in their rooms upstairs.  The youth didn't arrive until 10PM and were treated to a concert by the band (tried to Web cam it for you but the computer froze up because  who would have thought to remember that the Worship Center computer does a full scan at 10PM everynight!)  We'll all be together for lunch tomorrow, then split up again and come back together on Saturday night for a BIG worship time--multigenerational.  Sunday AM is the conclusion of the weekend.

We're hosting 9 6th grade girls on top of me helping oversee the production of the services in the chapel and worship center.  I'll be exhausted by the end of the weekend.

I will post pictures as they come available.