Where To Find The Bread-Resources for Creatives (Part 2)

This is part 2 in a series of posts on Creative sites that I use to draw inspiration and ideas from.  Last week's post can be seen here.

A new resource for us has been Shift Worship and their extensive collection of motion, still and mini-movies.   You can visit Shift Worship here.

For an annual fee ($149) you get unlimited downloads of motion, stills, mini-movies and countdowns for use in worship.  It's compatible with all of the major Media software.

We've used them for Christmas and other series--partly because they give you several looks for the same theme and feel.  You can even search by theme.   It's unbelievable what they offer for this price.  You'd have to have hundred's of cd's with this much material on it and they would cost you a minimum of $50. So, we think it's well worth the subscription price.

The site is updated regularly to give you the freshest material for your services.