Twitter A Little Prayer

Although being a minister is sometimes likened to being a Super hero (you know those guys with super powers and strength that bound from building to building, event to event), it is not like that at all.  We (shock) are human too (gasp!!!) and from time to time we need strength and encouragement too (faint-thud!)  
If you made it through that shocking paragraph, congratulations.  Monday-Tuesday were some low days for me.  I needed a bit of encouragement and that probably wasn't going to come quickly.  I reached out for prayer to this guy ( a new friend from Twitter). 

Just a bit of background on this relationship.  It began through blogging.  He read my blog and I read his.  I noticed that he was in Cairo, Egypt.  Cool!    Suddenly this fall I was blessed with a trip to Egypt and made contact with him to meet.  And we did and the friendship has grown.

So Monday evening late  I twittered to him-- "Pray for me!".  This would have been in the wee hours of Tuesday morning for him.  When I awoke Tuesday morning here I received his message--ever so encouraging but also rather direct.  He wasn't just praying for my situation to change, he was praying for me to change.   I didn't ask for that--but he sensed that was what I needed.

I trodded off to work with that thought in mind that somewhere half a world away a fellow brother in Christ, whom I've only know for a short period of time, was interceeding in my behalf.  Amazing!   All day long his prayer resounded in my ear as I watched the Spirit bring to pass what had been whispered in the far away land of Egypt.

That's the power of Twitter--the connectedness through this medium so often reviled and misused for evil and harm.  It can be used for good.

The great part of this story is that I will get to see him in less than a week in Nashville for Re:Create Conference.   What a blessing that will be to see him again and this time to pray together in person.

So, have you learned the power of Twitter?  Follow me here.