O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Much discussion has taken place this weekend over on Twitter and Facebook on when it's appropriate to take down the Christmas tree. 

So far I've heard:
   Christmas Day
   Not before New Year's--it's bad luck (this was the one I grew up with)
   Epiphany (that would be today)
   Never--make it an all season tree.

We've had our tree up a good long while this year.  It went up Nov. 2 (yeah--that early) and we just haven't put it up yet.  We went through a post-Christmas feeling this weekend with the cold weather and the smell of chimney's burning copius amounts of wood and a SANTA CLAUS trilogy that lasted until Sunday night.  I suppose we'll get around to putting it up later this week.

I've got friends that have whole closets that hold their trees--upright and decorated with a bag over them.  All they have to do next year is wheel them out.  I have another friend who has 13 trees!

So--when do you take down your tree?

How long do you keep your Christmas tree up?


Steff said...

Mine is still up! It's coming down ths week though, as soon as I get to Wal-mart to buy one of those storage tubs to put it in:)