Backyard Theater--Reaching Your Neighbors

We're constantly looking for ways for our congregation to connect with their neighborhood.  It's sad to say that for years the church has been going to the "church" to have church, all the while the opportunities for ministry were right there in front of them, and to the left and right of them--their neighbors.  

A recent effort of our leadership has been for our people to spend more time in their neighborhood getting to know people and ministering to them. For some-it has been a great success. For some-it has been very difficult.  Regardless, the need to reach our neighbors (and I mean reach them in their need, not just for heaven) has been a major project for us.
I found this video today of a man (not religously affiliated) who set up a Backyard Theater and invited his neighbors over to enjoy the evening.    He states that sometimes they don't leave until the wee hours of the morning and that the conversations move to "life".  Now that is building community.  Can we do this?  You bet we can!