Praise Song Banned In Church

It was a song meant for private devotions, only to be sung in the midst of the morning, noon and evening prayers.   The forms of worship then only allowed for songs straight from scripture.  There was no room, none, for fresh expressions of worship.
So, this cleric, wrote simple hymns of praise to help the boys of the school he attended to have other forms of worship besides the Psalms.
Invariably these songs, hymns as you were, made their way into the church.  They became adapted into the liturgy of the day--even though the form said "No".
Want to know what song was banned.... THE DOXOLGY!  The year.. 1674!
The more things change--the more they stay the same.  We still have these issues today.  We argue over which form is better, which is the accepted one.   All the while the next generation is coming along and re-writing our praises for their times and their culture.

Did you know this about THE DOXOLOGY?


Jan said...

That made me laugh. From banned to a mandated song. That's funny. I was in a church plant that couldn't figure out it's identity and we did semi-contemporary worship (for 1990s) but had to do the Doxology EVERY Sunday. I don't mind singing it, but it was an odd combo and the "requirement" to sing it was odd to me.

So it's very funny to me that it used to be banned. Thanks for educating us Jim!