Worship Confessional-February 22, 2009

We took the Lord's supper today.. here's the table and set up. Good day--but different.  Still processing it in my head and don't want to put anything down to prematurely.

Set List:
We Bow Down/O Worship the King-Choir
Great Things (Maher)--Great song and it tied into our study of Ephesians of how we are supposed to be "the praise of His glorious grace"--by Shouting out his praise.
Blessed Assurance (Praise Charts)
What Can I Do (Baloche)-great song, great lead into the Communion time.
Lord's Supper
This Is The Day (Cottrell)- during Lord's supper  ( this is a great song--but high G on a morning is a killer.  It was ok.)
Morning Message
In Christ Alone (Reprise) Perfect song to end on...

How was your day?

This post is part of Sunday Set Lists over on Fred McKinnon's blog.


simple christfollower said...

Hey Jim, I really like the communion table! Nice setting for the Lord's Supper.

Marina Berryman said...

In Christ Alone is a "perfect" song to begin with. Totally love it. Communion table is beautiful. Did your people comment on it? Did it enhance the worship time too?.

steff said...

I was listening to "What can I do" the other day and wondering why I've never done it. Great Baloche song!

Anonymous said...

I'm always impressed with what you do! Table looks great. Do you have a tech team that helps with all that or are you left on your own?

Jim Drake said...


as donkey says in Shrek " I'm all alone.."

No--I love to do it--tis a creative release.

Thanks for the kuddos!

Jim Drake said...


Thanks for the compliments. Table.. well it's kinda become the norm around here. Don't know if it added or not. Oh well.

In Christ Alone was the perfect finisher. I love that song

Jim Drake said...


What Can I Do--you've got to do it. It's so rich---the message each time we sing it is so timely!

Jim Drake said...


Didn't mean to leave you out. Thanks for the table kuddos!