Recreate-Day 2-Highly Favored

Michael W. Smith said it tonight in his song  " I am highly favored" and that is how I felt today.  I felt the overpowering love of God in the midst of the this community called Cre:ate.  I said to my friend Jeff Berry at lunch, "Jeff, I'm a blessed man"   I meant that I am surrounded by some of the dearest people in my life right now.  I am enjoying connecting these friends together with Jeff and others who they've only known by a name or a twitter sign in.
We were blesed today to hear Matthew Ward (of Second Chapter of Acts fame) sing the Lord's Prayer over us.   Billy and Cindy Foote sang for us this afternoon as Jeff Berry introduced them as new Centricity Records Label artists.  We heard from Ian Morgan Cron (Chasing Francis author) and he blew our minds with thoughts about worship and word and life in Christ.
Tonight was topped off with a dinner and short concert by Michael W. Smith at a local church.  Just MWS and 100 of his newest friends.   We then retired to a local BBQ place for more fellowship and sharing.  As I looked around the table of 2o or so, I said it again.  "I am highly favored"  I'm a blessed man because I know these people.  I do life with them--even from afar and when we are in each other's presence--it's heavenly.