Churched- Matthew Paul Turner

We've just finished reading "Churched" in our staff time.  It is a hilarious, whimsical and biting look at the serious business of church and the perceptions of Matthew Paul Turner growing up in an INDEPENDENT FUNDAMENTAL BAPTIST CHURCH.

When we began reading the book I contacted MPT because we connected through Twitter.  I asked him "Will this make me laugh--I need to laugh."   He wrote back "Depends on if you have a sense of humor".   I wrote back " I think I do--now where did I put that box of humor"

Thus began a good dialogue with the author while reading his book.  I finished it on the plane going home from Nashville and the last story he tells is about his encounter with my friend Pete.   Now, knowing both of these people,I could imagine how the story went and I was caught up in it. 

Someone walking by on the plane saw me reading the book and they said " you're gonna love it" and I did.

I told MPT the other night we had finished his book.   With great humor he asked me what I thought.   We'll have that conversation soon.

Here is a video of MPT doing a reading at Crosspoint Church in Nashville the Sunday after I was there.   Enjoy his humor.