A Valentine's So So

Diane and I had a date last night---they are becoming more frequent as  A) the kids are beginning to have their own social schedules  B) they no longer need a baby sitter.  I think I'm beginning to like this.

We dropped them all off at their designated spots and then went to dinner ( a quick dinner since it took forever to get them to each place).  We decided to catch the local production of "Allo, Allo"(a British Sitcom) at the local college.

You know that I love theater and I love to support the local arts scene.  I had never seen a production at this place--so I was excited.  The place was filled with young and old (seemed to be more college kids than I would expect at a production and there was a family with small children) and not a bad crowd for a Friday night.

From the get go I could tell this was going to be a production with lots of innuendos and they began flying fast as the bar owner Rene' recounted his escapades with Mimi and others.  It was uncomfortable. 
 It got deeper--much deeper.  Diane reached over and grabbed my hand and squeezed because she was uncomfortable.   We had no idea what we were watching. At intermission I saw the family leave with their small children and another couple that we knew departed too.   It was suppose to be a comedy but not many people were laughing and I couldn't gauge whether that was because we were uncomfortable with the subjects or it was just British humor.

I'm a big fan of theater and I believe that we should support it.  But there is so much good material out there, why would they choose to do something without labeling it as "watcher beware".   It baffles me.

Should theater be rated?  Family friendly or "At Your Own Risk"