One of the benefits of a blog is getting your own platform to periodically sound off on something that really makes you mad. I'm taking that privilege today to step up on the stool and sound off about PROJECTOR LAMP CENTER

I ordered one stinking bulb for a projector in Sept. and it didn't ship! By Oct. 15 I had cancelled the order and was promised a refund... Wait...wait.. Then contact them in December--"You're in the cue to get a refund--just wait 30 days" Excuse me! It's been 90. Returned to badgering them again in Jan (4 times) and Feb. (5 times) only to get smarmy responses from them.

Read their blog here---it's a phony lie. I've commented 2 times and they won't post my comments.

Evidently, I'm not the only one who has had a problem with this company. I found over 61 reports of troubles with this company and some with names that I've been given that would help me! Well--they didn't and they haven't and I'm mad!!!

Spread the word--do not buy from this company. Do whaterver you have to do--link to this page, twitter it, facebook it... just get the word out .... FRAUD!

* Received another "Smarmy" note from them when I told them I was reporting it to my Credit Card Company . "sounds like a plan.  Enjoy yourself and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience"   Carly L.  

Again--don't do business with this company!  PROJECTOR LAMP CENTER, SAGERYDER


Anonymous said...

This company went out of business. Check out these links. They have another company that they are operating called VergePoint.

Do a search for vergepoint and sageryder. Also look for Stephen Gross.

Anonymous said...

The man who owns this company, Steve Gross, is a fraud in my opinion. He owes my company almost $40,000!!!!!!! Beware consumer AND vendors!