Stop The Parental Guilt!

Don't ever let anyone tell you that having 3 kids is easy on the family calendar.  All three are very involved here in our family- golf, tennis, drama, and sports.  It would help if 2 of the three were interested in the same thing, but they're not.  So, it seems like we are constantly taking that one, picking up this and seeing one of them in action.

It's our fault.  We haven't limited their activities because we want them to see what they're interested in and what they enjoy.  However, it can be quite taxing on the parents!

On to my point, it seems to me that today there is a fair amount of Parental Guilt if you don't attend every event that your child is in.  We were subject to that this last weekend from a fellow believer--I just ignored it.  But thinking about it today-I think it's parental guilt.

My parents did not attend everything that I did.  Sorry to admit that, but they were older and when we got into school they wouldn't attend every out of town game, but they were there for home games.  I never thought anything about it and don't you dare tell me that they were any less than the great parents that I knew--I might have to smack you.

I love my kids and I'm there almost all of the time.  There are just some times when rehearsals land on the same night or something else.  It doesn't happen too often-but it does.  And if you tell me I'm less of a parent for it--I still might have to smack you.

So, do you think there is Parental Guilt when you don't attend EVERY single event?  Did your parents go to EVERYTHING?