Friends Don't Ask Friends For Finances on Facebook

I was trying to see how many F's I could get in that title.

We had an interesting thing happen today. My wife called mid morning and said "Jim, is _______ in London?" I said "Not that I know of ." She said " I just got an IM on Face book that ___________ is in London and has no money because they were robbed". I told her to wait a moment while I called this person's child who is working in the town. Turns out that their parent wasn't in London. In fact, they were at work. Someone had hijacked their Facebook account and was asking for money. Evidently it's a new scam that you can read about here.
So--protect yourself. I changed my Facebook password this afternoon. And if I ever ask for anything less than $1 million's not me!


Jay Scott said...

i think layne told me you were a mac user, but if you have windows, might i suggest running CCleaner and Malwarebytes Anti-malware in Safe mode if you think you're system might have been infected.

Jim Drake said...

Hey Jay--bring me a drink ( sorry I just had to do that)

Thanks for reading my blog. I am a MAC man (mostly) but ya know the church is still PC (not politically correct, but Microsoft)

hadn't had a problem yet here--but thanks for the information. I'll pass it along.