Congress Goes A "Twittering"

All the networks are a buzz this morning about the members of Congress Twittering during last night's State of the Union.   

It seems that Republicans Twittered more than Democrats and that seems to prove this article

Some of the tweets from the floor of the house were:
"The TV lights are so bright-could get a suntan"; "Pelosi looks smug"
"Hold on to your wallets" and finally, "The Texas A&M game starts in 4 minutes"

I like it that representatives have embraced the lastest technology to keep us informed with what's going on (in real time) during the sessions in Washington?

What do you think?   Is this against the decorum of Washington?


Dave Carrol said...

Just stumbled past your blog... great read


Jim Drake said...


Thanks for stopping by. Where are you located? I see that you're a worship leader too?

Jump in the fun of Sunday Set Lists over on Fred McKinnon's site on Sundays ( and share what's goin on at your church. You'll meet a bunch of other "whacked" out Christ followers there too.

Going to mark your page and visit you soon.