Beginning 40th Year of Teaching--Way To Go Sister!

Today is the official start of school and while we're all waxing and wailing (some of you are wailing that your kids are growing up way to fast!) I'd like to highlight a teacher who is beginning her 40th year of teaching, and that would be my sister, Karen Holt.

Karen has been teaching at Frenship Junior High (now middle school--I wonder how the school song sounds now with "the school that we all sing to is Frenship Middle school--it used to say Junior high) since 1971.  She is now teaching second generation kids (kids of kids she first taught in the 1970/80's) and says that when one of them comes up and says "you taught my grandmother" she'll know that it's time to hang it up.

If you look at her room, it has always been this colorful and warm and inviting (wonder where I get my love for atmosphere in my office, and lamps---right here is proof).  She has always had these colorful brick book cases ( I think I helped her paint her first set when I was a boy) and once upon a time she had a star gallery where she would hang pictures of celebrities that would write back to her English class and send autograph pictures. She even got a call from David Hartman (used to be on GOOD MORNING AMERICA) when she wrote for his autograph for the class.

Today's AJ highlights her career and so I just wanted to jump in and say " WAY TO GO KAREN!" Your family is proud of you and all that you have accomplished and taught in these 40 years!