Support The Arts! Lubbock Moonlight Musicals "WILLY WONKA"

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This is the third year that we have attended LUBBOCK MOONLIGHT MUSICALS at the Wells Fargo Theater.  We've seen Singing In The Rain, Buddy Holly and last night Willy Wonka.

LMN is an open air theater that allows you to bring your picnic supper and lawn chairs and gives you an evening of entertainment for the whole family.  We love going each year.  It reminded us of the Zilker Theater performance of Annie that we saw earlier this month.  Zilker has been going for 52 years (LMN has about 5 under their belt) and I can see where the experience of doing it summer after summer will help LMN to grow and be better each year.

However, it won't go anywhere if the public doesn't support it.  Last night the theater was full and the director said that this was the largest crowd of the season (disappointing that Lubbock hasn't sold this thing out every performance).  The city has got to come out and support things like this or it has no excuse when it complains "there's nothing to do here".

When we go to a new city, we always try to find something going on there and support the arts (museum, play, exhibit, etc).  We think it's the best way to get to know a community.

So, what are you doing to support the arts in your place?