A Different Way of Doing Church?

I was intrigued by a FB posting by a friend of mine (thanks Chris for the link) at a Church in the Fort Worth area that seems to be doing church a little differently than most (and yes, it's a church affiliated with Baptist (Tarrant))

City Church in Fort Worth is a 6 month old church plant that seeks to do church biblically. Here are some different things they are trying:

  • Church is organized around VILLAGES (local communities spread across the city)  This is their weekly gathering in homes, coffee houses, etc where they share a meal, prayer, fellowship and worship together. It is multi-generational
  • Church does not gather corporately every week. They meet every other week but not always to worship. They have some Sunday's designated as SERVE Week, where they go out to the community to serve.
  • All-Church Gatherings are held to a minimum for special occasions and emphasis
  • The Church calendar is intentionally left "with margin" so that church members are not constantly busy with "church events".  They encourage members to "do life" within their villages (fellowship, serve, pray, evangelize) with little or no emphasis on coming to a building or place (in fact they constantly move their meetings all across the city)

So what do you think?  Is this church?  Can we even fathom doing church this way?  What are your absolute musts in church life?