Who Are You Online?

* Disclaimer---I don't approve of the language and some of the content in this video.  I used it only here for a purpose to ask a question

So, today I'm in my wife's office and I hear the end of this song and I wonder "Why does she have marching band music on her iphone?"   I hit repeat on the song and began to listen to "ONLINE" by Brad Paisley.  It's quite an interesting song that ask's the question "Who are you online?"

That's a great question and actually was part of a conversation that I had earlier in the day.  I expressed to someone that I try to be as "authentic" as possible online so that people aren't "jarred" when they meet the real me.  However, some people like to present a different persona online (hiding who they are) and are quite the surprise when you meet them.

So, who are you online?  Are you 6'3" with a Hollywood smile?  (By the way, enjoy the video and see if you can tell me who some of these TV legends are in the video)