My Women of Faith

Today four of the most important women in my life are attending WOMEN OF FAITH in Dallas, Texas. We were blessed by WOMEN OF FAITH and by RECREATE CONFERENCE with some tickets. Since I didn't qualify, Diane decided to make this a girls weekend for her, our daughters and her mom.  What a blessing.

I know that they will have an inspirational time. We only got a glimpse of WOF at Recreate this last February.  And if what I saw was only a slice, oh boy, these girls are going to have a blast.

I'm praying that they will have an awesome time together and that they will make memories that last a lifetime as they sing, worship, pray, fellowship and enjoy the time God has gifted them.

As they say--"You go girl (s)"   We love you!

P.S.--in the meantime, the boys are at home eating pizza, watching TV and doing NO LAUNDRY!