Monitoring Your Well-Being

I've just finished reading Tom Rath's latest book in the STRENGTHS series called WELL BEING.  Like the STRENGTHS FINDER book, it gives you the chance to take an online test that gauges where you are in the areas of CAREER, FINANCES, SOCIAL, PHYSICAL,  and COMMUNITY.  It is Rath's theory that monitoring these 5 areas of your life will fulfill your life and give you great pleasure.  He even has a daily tracker that asks you questions about these areas and lets you see how you are doing.

I've been doing this for a month, and I'd say that the daily tracker thing is pretty accurate.  On the days that I focus on healthy habits (eating,excercise) and tending to the things of my soul, my numbers are high (vacation was like a 10 on the scale!) and then days when I feel emotionally spent because of something negative, then the score is low (like a 3 on one day--must have been a bad day)

Now, not that I buy into everything that Rath says about these areas, most of the value of the book comes in being very intentional about your life and keeping a balance in all of these areas.  With that I whole-heartedly agree that in this day and age of constant "go, go, go" we let the things in our lives slip into a mush of activities.   This constant busy nature has left our soul wanting so much more and Rath believes that by paying attention to these areas we will restore some balance there.

So, how is your Well-being?

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