Towering Inferno, Posideon Adventure and Airport--Now Those Were Some Movies

While working at our local Community Theater last weekend on this show (movie), we got to laughing about a certain genre of movies in the mid-to-late 70's that had you scared to be on a boat, ride on an airplane or be in a large office tower. These were some really scary movies (for that time) and I don't know that today's generation would really understand our infatuation with these kind of movies in that time.

I bet you remember each of them?  I do and they scared the pants off of me (so much so that last year when I went on a cruise I began to sing "There's got to be a morning after (the theme song from the Posideon Adventure) and I was certain to spot the Shelly Winters on board who would lead us to the bow of the boat when it tipped over (from the wave and not from her)

Airport had me terrified that every person who ran to the bathroom was the kooky old man who had taken out the insurance at the airport and forgot to tell his wife what he was doing and Helen Hayes was just one of the stow aways on the plane!

Towering Inferno had me creeped out to go above the second floor in any building and had me constantly looking for the fire escape.

What movies pop into your mind from the mid-to-late 70's?  This is grand material for a lot of discussion.