Spontaneous Is The Key!

Today was another outstanding day.  We headed to Hamilton Pool (thanks to some locals who directed us here) and spent the morning and afternoon in this natural habitat.  The kids weren't so sure this was a great ide but after arriving here, they loved it and we spent the majority of the time swimming from rock formation to rock formation in the crisp, cool waters of the Perdernales River.

A short trip back to the hotel and a quick nap, we made our way to an inexpensive dinner at Chik-Fil-A and found a newspaper there that said there was a free showing of the musical Annie at Zilker Park tonight @ 8:30P.M. So, remembering that SPONTANEOUS is our word for the week, we hauled all of our stuff over there (thank goodness we packed the lawn chairs for this trip) and arrived at the ampitheater to find about 2500 other people ready to see this musical.  It's been going on for 52 years here at the park and it's all done for a donation. What a great evening!  We even ran into some friends from our church!

Zilker Theater, Austin


Brook (two10eleven) said...

Looks like a great idea taking a vacation with spontaneity in mind. Most of our holidays are either spent scheduling everything (even our down time) or we get away and have nothing in mind or planned and then we spontaneously do nothing for a few days!

Enjoy the rest of your break!