Not Quite Ready For Broadway--Another Successful Season

Today brought an end to the 5th season of the Not Quite Ready For Broadway Company.  It's a collection of students from the Scurry County area who each year get together to put on summer productions for the community. As of today, this was their 21st production (including Summer Theater camps and community performances)   I think they are to be commended!

Watching their performance this afternoon of South Pacific took me back to the very beginning of this group.  We had just arrived in Snyder and missed the first season (much to the disappointment of my children) but we quickly knew that this would be a place that they could fit in.  They've been in most of the performances (this year didn't work out because of work schedules and conflicts)

I think it's great for a group of students to get together to do this kind of thing during the summer.  When we go to competitions (even in Junior High) the level of performances given by these students is excellent and other communities want to know what's going on in Snyder.  Giving them the opportunity to be in these musicals helps them stay sharp for the school year productions and to become better at their craft.  Isn't that what artists are suppose to do?

So hats off to The Not Quite Ready Company for their performances this summer of GODSPELL, Pinnochio, Almost Maine and South

Great job!