When Leadership Hits You.......

Ok, to be honest I wanted to title this blog post "John Maxwell Hit Me" to get generate some visitors that wouldn't usually stop by and read, but then I thought that it might cause some pain or sort with John and then he'd really hit me.

What I meant to say that sometimes when you read something about leadership that is so true it's as if someone came up and punched you right in the gut.  That happened to me last night.

Already tired from a day at work and managing and leading in my ministry I headed to a school function where parents had gathered and leadership was being called out and the honest truth is I wanted to say "NO WAY, I'm sitting this one out"  Haven't you said that?

But you know that leaders can't sit by and watch it just happen--they need to lead and so eventually I jumped in the game after I thought about the implications of this organization without leaders.  "Leaders lead" as John would say.

I get home and get a few pages of 360Degree Leader digested and John states that sometimes leaders work without recognition and honor and honestly, they sometimes feel like they do it all for everyone and nothing comes back to them.  That's the way I was feeling last night.  Everyone had a piece of me and wanted even more of me and I just wanted someone to see that, but nobody could or would.

John stated that being a leader in the middle or midst of something is sometimes "unrecognized and unrewarded, but to take heart as those who lead well don't go unrecognized".  Now all of that sounds pretty self serving, but after a day of giving and giving and giving and wondering what's the use of it all, those words hit me.  I shut the book right there and closed my eyes and just thanked the Lord that he could use a word written by another leader to speak to my "leadership need".

This morning when I awoke and walked, those words were still fresh with me ( and so was the sucker punch that I got from the book)

Thanks John for the hit, but can you warn me the next time it's coming?