Worship Confessional, August 22, 2010

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Today was our Sr. Pastor's first day.  Welcome Clayton, Tammy and Haley Griggs.  He finished up our series BECOMING A HEALTHY CHURCH.

Clayton preached on the four pillars of health:
1)Participation --"they were all together"
2)Proclamation ---"proclaiming Christ"
3)Preservation ----
4)Propagation --only something that healthy will grow "and numbers were added daily"

Over these 12 weeks we've looked at the characteristics of a healthy church.  I pray that we have learned and practiced these things so that we can a HEALTHY CHURCH.

Opening Song--Let Everything That Has Breath (Redman)
  --Ok, how many of you do a throw-away song (gathering song, opening song.).  Our people have become increasingly late to worship and they usually only come in once they hear the music.  So this week--this was our throw-away song to get people in.  We'll see how that works.  We have to start at 10:40 because of radio, and sometimes that means playing to a half-empty room.
Because of Your Love (Baloche)
I Stand Amazed In The Presence (G3Worship)
Offertory Prayer/Music
A Mighty Fortress (Nockles)
Your Name (Baloche)
Morning Message--Clayton Griggs--Becoming A Healthy Church: Acts 2
God of This City (G3 Worship)

How was your Sunday?


Anonymous said...

Great to hear your new pastor has arrived!