Friday Night Lights--Let The Games Begin

Tonight begins the local football season as Snyder takes on Monahans here to kick off the largest social gathering in our town each year--HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL.

I'll be in the booth again (5th year) doing the message board and announcing for the band.  Doesn't seem like I've been doing it that long, but it has.

There's a buzz in the air this week as we anticipate seeing the team and the band and making it through all of the unfinished improvements to the stadium.  Truth is, there's no other place I'd rather be on Friday night.

All of my family is involved with this.  Kids are in organizations and Mom/Dad are tagging along to see what needs to be done for Band/Choir boosters etc.  It's a pretty grand place to be.

Where will you be during FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS this year?